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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

The house without watches, Reus

2013 was the year that I started in this type of photography of forgotten and abandoned places. Not surprisingly, my first blog was named "Olvidados & Abandonados" ("Forgotten & Abandoned")

I have always considered that I started this because of my profession, which allowed me to access many homes, some like this one that I bring today: places that had remained closed, unaltered and that, as was the case, after the owner's death they were going to their sons and daughters that what they only want is to sell it and convert an old house into fresh money.

Often, they directly handed me the key to the house and they said "See you when you sell it", turning out to be the first to enter these houses, with my camera, with more photographic will than wisdom.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Garage "La Hispania"

Abandoned garages of the old "Compañía Reusense de Tranvías", which later would be called "Empresa Reusense de Automóviles", known in the area as "La Hispania"

Between the first image and the second, only one week passed...